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Estate Planning and Probate

The attorneys at Sexton, Bender, Hill and Steinman, P.C. provide estate planning services to our clients, which include:


  • Analysis of Existing Estate Plan 

  • Estate Plan Preparation Through: 

    • Last Wills and Testaments

    • Living (Revocable) Trusts 

    • Irrevocable Trusts

    • Living Wills

    • Powers of Attorney (for both Health Care and Financial Matters)

    • Beneficiary Deeds

    • Other Non-Probate Transfer Tools 


At Sexton, Bender, Hill and Steinman, P.C. we believe in coordinating our clients' business, income tax, and estate planning needs in order to optimally achieve our clients' estate planning goals.  By providing individualized assistance to each of our clients, we are not only able to ensure that our clients' assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes, but to also minimize probate and estate tax costs.


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